General Visa Information

Since August of 2012, citizens of the following countries (Visa Waiver Countries) do not need to have a visa to when visiting Kyrgyzstan up to 60 days.

Commonwealth of Australia, Republic of Austria, Kingdom of Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Vatican, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Hungary, Germany, Netherlands, Hellenic Republic, Kingdom of Denmark, Iceland, Republic of Ireland, Kingdom of Spain, Italian Republic, Canada, Republic of Korea, State of Kuwait, Republic of Latvia, Republic of Lithuania, Principality of Liechtenstein, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, New Zealand, Kingdom of Norway, United Arab Emirates, Republic of Poland, Portuguese Republic, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovak Republic, Republic of Slovenia, United States of America, Republic of Finland, French Republic, Republic of Croatia, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Kingdom of Sweden, Republic of Estonia, State of Qatar, Brunei Darussalam, Kingdom of Bahrain

If you are going to stay in Kyrgyzstan more than 60 days, you have to obtain a three months visa at the Embassy of the Kyrgyz Republic to the USA and Canada. To apply for 3 months visa you need to submit:

  1. Completed Visa Application Form. Please type and provide answers to all of the questions.
  2. One passport size color photograph (2*2 inches) that should be stapled to the provided space on the upper right hand corner of the application form.
  3. A valid passport (a photocopy will not be accepted) that should have at least one clear page for a visa stamp. Your passport must be valid for at least 90 days after the validity of the requested visa expires.
  4. A letter from the organization that sends or invites you to Kyrgyzstan.
  5. Money order (consular fees – USD130 for three months single entry visa, USD150 for three months multiple entry visa).
  6. A stamped or prepaid self-addressed Mail envelope. If you apply by mail, you should enclose a stamped or prepaid self-addressed Mail envelope such as USPS, UPS, or Fedex. Embassy does not accept requests to change the mailing service type, date or make a payment to expedite the services on behalf of the visa applicants, even if the visa applicant is ready to pay for services.

Visa Processing Time

After completed visa application form is received with all of the required documents the Consular Section of the Embassy will process and issue visa within 5 business days. Therefore the Consular Section strongly encourages visa applicants and their agents to apply as early as possible and provide complete application form with all of the required documents as instructed.

Urgent visa can be issued within 3 business days. Consular fee for urgent services is double of the original price.

* Diplomatic, Official and UN Laissez-Passer passport holders will be issued visas within 5 business days and are free of charge.