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The Taldyk Ashuu pass is located in the middle of the Alai Mountains. It is located on Highway M41 between Sary-Tash in the South and Ak-Bosogo in the North. It is the first pass on the Pamir Highway (Silk Road) If you drive in the direction of Tajikistan of Osh.

In winter, the pass is one of the most dangerous mountain passes from Kyrgyzstan. Every year an accident there numerous trucks and heavy plunge several hundred meters from. In the spring you can still see some of the crashed truck lying there. A large part of the driver underestimated the risk of bringing the pass in winter with it. Excluding the pass about 65 km behind him so you get to the Kyzyl-Art pass with 4,290 meters above sea level.


North - South


3,615 m

Region / District

Osh Region - Alai District


Valley locations

Sary-Tash - Ak-Bosogo

Construction Type

Connecting road


1909 - 1933

Range / Mountains

Alai Mountains

Winter closure

Depending on snow conditions short-term winter locks are possible


Gravel road M41 Pamir Highway (Silk Road)